Polskie Forum Zarządzania Środowiskowego

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If you are here most likely you are looking for information regarding environmental management in Poland. Good choice, welcome!

POLISH FORUM of ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT (formerly Polish Forum ISO 14000) is an independent, non-profit organization of individuals and legal entities involved in environmental management issues. The Association was established 1996. Our individual members are: environmental management  experts (ie. management reps from organizations maintaining Environmental Management Systems), environmental auditors and qualified EMAS verifiers. Entities supporting the Association are EMAS registered or ISO 14001 certified organizations, environmental consultants, accredited ISO 14001 certifiers and EMAS verifiers.

Our objectives:

  • promoting environmental management as effective way of protecting environment and improve competitiveness, and
  • supporting initiatives improving the quality of environmental management applications in Poland,
  • strengthening synergies with other schemes eg. ISO 50001, ISO 45001, SA 8000, ISO 9001.

POLISH FORUM of ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT co-operates with the institutions important for certified environmental management systems eg.:

  • Polish Centre for Accreditation,
  • Ministry of Climate and Environment,
  • General Directorate for Environment Protection,
  • Polish Standardization Committee.

We actively participate in the works of Technical Committee 207 of International Standard Organisation and support Ministry of Climate and Environment EMAS promotion/development.

For more information, please, contact:
Robert Pochyluk – Vice President of the Board

tel. +48 516 49 89 35
e-mail: sekretariat(at)pfzs.org